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Botanicals in Organic Balance

When we set out to create Farmer’s Organic Gin we wanted to create a different type of gin that had uniquely balanced botanicals. Many gins are one dimensional- with a bit more juniper than we like. Don’t get us wrong, we love the fresh pine taste of juniper, but we thought it was time for other great botanicals to step forward and complement the juniper in a new and different type of gin.

Our dedicated staff happily undertook an arduous tasting regimen to find the perfect balance of botanicals. Yes, there is still the requisite juniper taste without which Farmer’s Organic Gin just would not be gin. But you can also taste the delicate floral flavor of elderflower as well as the invigorating citrus notes of lemon grass – two prominent botanicals in Farmer’s Gin. Additionally, the creator of Farmer’s unique recipe, our own John McLaughlin, decided to add some other secret botanicals to his organic gin formula. Which botanicals do you taste?

Juniper: Juniper, the primary botanical used to flavor gins, is also the inspiration for gin’s name as gin is a shortened version of the Dutch word for juniper, genièver. Essential oils are extracted from juniper berries to give gin its characteristic aroma and taste.

Elderflower: In season only from mid-May to mid-June, elderflower has a delicate floral flavor. The fragile, creamy-white blossoms, from which the lovely but hard to describe taste of the elderflower is coaxed out is complex with notes of flowers and summer fruits.

Lemon Grass: Lemon grass has a vibrant, lemony flavor. The botanical is extracted from the leaves and stalks of lemon grass and is a frequent ingredient in gin cocktails. We felt it deserved a prominent place in our gin.

Coriander: One of the oldest known botanicals and a traditional gin flavoring, coriander has a citrusy, nutty flavor. In addition to being an important gin ingredient, coriander, the seed of the cilantro plant, is also said by some to be a digestive aid and to help alleviate insomnia.

Angelica Root: Recognized as much for its medicinal properties as its flavor contribution to gin, angelica root has a slightly sweet, warm, aromatic, musky taste. Heralded in some cultures as a panacea for ailments ranging from colds to gout, angelica root also complements juniper and other gin botanicals.

The Undisclosed Botanicals:

While our John McLaughlin is a charming and affable man, the fastest way to turn him into a silent introvert is to ask him about the remaining botanicals that are a secret and essential part of Farmer’s uniquely different flavor profile.