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USDA Organic

Why Organic?

When we produce our small batches of Farmer’s Gin, we do so in a way that adheres to the rigorous standards set for organic certification by the USDA. We do this because we want to make a gin that is better – better for the Earth as well as better for flavor.

The botanicals and organic grains used in the production of Farmer’s Gin are grown on land free of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Genetic modifications of the plants and the grains is not allowed. This type of sustainable farming is better for the local water table, better for the environment, and leaves a smaller carbon footprint than traditional non-organic farming.

Just as important to us as gin and cocktail lovers, we believe organic spirits taste better. Distillate produced from organic grain can have a remarkably clean character that makes it perfect for an infusion of botanicals. In turn the botanicals are especially flavorful because of the liveliness and intensity of flavor that cannot be found in mass-production crops. Because many gins are one dimensional with a bit more juniper than we would like, we wanted to create a unique gin that had truly balanced botanicals. We hope you will enjoy our Farmer’s Gin. Cheers!