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1,000 Springs Mill in Buhl, Idaho is a locally owned organic and non-GMO organization producing products that benefit the local community.  Owners Tim Cornie and Kurt Mason as well as their team grow USDA-certified organic wheat and other crops.


The Cornie and Mason families have been farming in Idaho’s Magic Valley for three generations. They are regarded as pioneer partners in the local organic farming movement due to their focus on responsible and renewable methods.

“I’m grateful to the Farmer’s Gin people for their desire to support our mission to make quality organic food accessible to all. I appreciate their trusting us to supply the wheat used to create these two outstanding gins.”




Farmer’s Gins can go from grain to glass in just a week. Grain from 1000 Springs Mill in Buhl is brought to Distilled Resources, Inc. (DRINC) in Rigby. Led by Founder & Distiller Gray Ottley, DRINC has produced super premium gins and other spirits since 1988. DRINC became the first distillery in the United States to be certified organic in 1999.

DRINC uses a proprietary batch fermentation and continuous fractional distillation four-column system for highly engineered control over all aspects of quality. Today DRINC is a farm to bottle partner able to produce certified organic spirits in a sustainable manner. They distill using only water drawn from their 200-foot-deep Snake River Aquifer, conserving and reusing water where possible.

“Farmer’s Gin is the cleanest gin that’s made, certainly in the United States.”​


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